Remote setup

Old keys

Drop the old ssh keys for remote-devel on launchpad and github.

Canonistack hub

  1. Make an m1.small canonistack instance with ssh and mosh ports open.
  2. Go to gandi and add the canonistack DNS entry for this instance.
  3. ssh (with -i .canonistack/elopio_lcy02.key) into the new machine and:
    sudo adduser elopio
    sudo adduser elopio sudo
    su elopio
    ssh-import-id elopio
  1. ssh into the machine again as elopio and:
    sudo deluser ubuntu
    sudo rm -rf ubuntu
  1. Copy the openstack configuration file from the host:
    scp ~/.canonistack/novarc_lcy02
    mkdir ~/.canonistack
    mv /tmp/novarc_lcy02 ~/.canonistack/
    source ~/.canonistack/novarc_lcy02
    sudo snap install juju --beta --classic
  1. On the canonistack machine, follow the CDO shared controllers instructions.
    sudo snap install charm --classic
    mkdir workspace

Remote communications

  1. On the canonistack machine:
    cd ~/workspace
    git clone
    cd remote-comms
    charm build
    cd builds
    juju add-model remote-comms --credential canonistack
    juju deploy ./remote-comms
    juju expose remote-comms
    juju ssh remote-comms/0
  1. On the remote-comms machine:

    • ssh-import-id elopio
    • replace $freenode_password in ~/.weechat/irc.conf
    • replace $personal_email_password in ~/.msmtprc and ~/.offlineimaprc
    • replace $canonical_google_password in ~/.msmtprc and ~/.offlineimaprc

Remote devel

  1. On the canonistack machine:
   cd ~/workspace
   git clone
   cd remote-devel
   charm build
   cd builds
   juju add-model remote-devel --credential canonistack
   juju deploy ./remote-devel --constraints instance-type=cpu4-ram18-disk50-ephemeral20
   juju expose remote-devel
   juju ssh remote-devel/0
  1. On the remote-devel machine:
   ssh-import-id elopio