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Conectarse a Snappy a través de la consola serial

Estoy trabajando en Ubuntu Snappy con un BeagleBone Black Rev C y un Raspberry Pi 2. Es posible conectarse a los dispositivos a través de la consola serial para monitorear errores durante el arranque y para controlar el sistema. Luego de mi primer cable quemado, decidí escribir las instrucciones para conectar los cables y así reducir la probabilidad de que mis dispositivos prendan fuego.

Connecting to Snappy through the serial console

I'm working on Snappy Ubuntu with a BeagleBone Black Rev C and a Raspberry Pi 2. You can connect to the boards through the serial console to watch for errors during the boot process and to control the system. After my first burned cable I decided to write down the instructions to connect the cables to reduce the likelihood of my boards catching fire.

Awful Shape, what art thou?

Awful Shape, what art thou? Speak!

Eternity -- demand no direr name.
Descend, and follow me down the abyss;
I am thy child, as thou wert Saturn's child,
Mightier than thee; and we must dwell together
Henceforth in darkness. --Lift thy lightnings not.
The tyranny of Heaven none may retain,
Or reassume, or hold succeeding thee...
Yet if thou wilt--as 'tis the destiny
Of trodden worms to writhe till they are dead--
Put forth thy might.

There is no God

"I was an infant when my mother went
To see an atheist burned. She took me there:
The dark-robed priests were met around the pile;
The multitude was gazing silently;
And as the culprit passed with dauntless mien,
Tempered disdain in his unaltering eye,
Mixed with a quiet smile, shone calmly forth:
The thirsty fire crept round his manly limbs;
His resolute eyes were scorched to blindness, soon;
His death-pang rent my heart! the insensate mob
Uttered a cry of triumph, and I wept.

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